About us

At Small Biz Video Marketing, a sister division of Small Biz Text Message Marketing, Small Biz Mobile Marketing and Small Biz Web Marketing Solutions (an online marketing services division of Labroo Financial Group LLC) we recognized about four years ago that online video can be a game changer in marketing on the net.  Thus we embarked on to create capabilities for producing simple yet effective videos that do not require expensive equipment and highly specialized training.  We wanted to keep it simple and low cost to be affordable for  most small business owners. However, since then we have upgraded our equipment, software and skills to produce very sophisticated videos and managed to keep the costs low.

Once that was figured out, we wanted to find a way to easily and widely distribute  the videos over the internet and deliver infront of our targetted audience.  YouTube distribution wasn’t going to cut it. Using gimicks and  hope for videos to go viral was not a viable marketing strategy.

At the same time we were involved in search engine optimization of some extremely tough and competative key words and were experimenting with some new pure white hat techniques using a lot of Web 2.0 and social sites as part of our strategy. It was then we hit upon an idea to use our SEO know  how with Videos. This was the begining of our Video-SEO Fusion Technology which we have perfected over the last three years. During this period we have created stunning results for our clients. We were able to consistantly deliver the video to at the top of the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS).  More often than not we were able to dominate the first page of Google with multiple listings and helped the website to move up as well. More importantly, these videos are very sticky and most have reatined their position on first page of Google for as long as three years.

We have continuously upgraded our video production techniques and the repotire of videos we can make.  Marketing video tutorials, story videos, how to videos, product review videos, event promotion videos, reality style videos, before and after videos  and more. Video is a fantastic medium to use in a creative manner for all sorts of marketing situations.

But promotions can only be as good as the theme and message we chose to develop and deliver. Here, we have used our web copy writing skills to create professional  and persuasive ad copy. Our marketing is soft, educational and informative. No hard selling. It is designed to make connection and build trust with the prospects. This has resulted higher conversions and sales. These videos have been bringing cutomers to our clients  all this time.

All this is possible because of a dedicated and talented group of highly trained and skilled professionals, personally directed and overseen by principal of the company Virender Labroo.