Niche Marketing

Within each industry there are categories and each category has sub-categories and so on. These markets cater to a specific group of people. We call these niches and sub-niches. This segmentation allows for focused marketing. Each industry, group or a niche comes with its own specific set of market environment, challenges and opportunities. Within a niche business owners experience similar target audience, challenges and opportunities. The customers within  niches and sub-niche behave similarly, hangout similarly on the net and look for similar set of services. Building and testing strategies, technologies and approaches for a group or a niche thus becomes an  important aspect for research and development of Niche Optimized Marketing Packages . Among  many marketing approaches, we found that videos targeted to specific niche audience are most effective. Different niches require different kind of videos.

For example, in the restaurant industry, a reality style video showing the hall, the kitchen and conversation with the chef is very powerful. An introductory video with the chef and owner and  video testimonials  works wonders.

Real estate is another niche where video can have a powerful impact with video tours that are instantly accessible on smart phones either through a QR code or on mobile landing pages.  QR codes can be embedded into flyers, web site or landing pages.  We have explored a number of ideas and strategies to help Realtors and brokers take their marketing to the next level. We use online  video, lead capture mini sites, mobile technology and social media to create one heck of a lead capture and management system. Contact us for free consultation at 425 354 3305 .

Dentists, apart from our promotional videos can be helped immensely by our informational videos, before and after videos and video testimonials. We have Video Lead Capture and Engagement Systems that can keep the leads flowing  coming over and over again.