Online Video

Welcome to Small Biz Video Marketing.  Video is a powerful medium to brand and market your company, your products and your  services. Unlike TV, you can deliver your video message online to highly targeted customers. It is perhaps the most versatile way to inform and educate your customers and clients. Online  Video is delivered through video sharing sites like YouTube, social media sites and a variety of online resources. Thst  makes it  easy and significantly less expensive while being more targetted and effective when compared to expensive  TV commercials, radio, print media and even Search Engine Marketing with PPC and SEO. Unlike those annoying TV commercials thrust upon us, on line videos are seen by your customers who are looking for your products and services.

We have now elevated video marketing to the next level by using unique search engine technology to deliver your video commercials or infomercials directly to your customers that are searching you in Google, Bing or Yahoo.  This fusion of SEO and online video technologies is absolutely the most powerful way to market and sell your products and services to hungry customers. It is more effective because unlike TV commercials, that randomly push the message on uninterested audiences  enjoying a show and who are least inclined or likely to buy at that moment, online video is delivered through Internet precisely when your customers is looking for your products or services. Most importantly, 30 second TV commercials cost you a fortune and shown only a few times a day while your online video is delivered  in front of your shopping customers 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

We have been delivering exceptional returns to our clients with this approach for more than three years. In the mean time we have improved our range and quality of video production. So come on board and get your business on top of search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing with our high impact videos. It doesn’t matter if you have a website or not. And the price is fraction of what it will cost to have a web site, SEO or Pay Google (PPC) or any radio, print, yellow page and coupon advertising. Call us now (425-773-9580) for your SPOTLIGHT on Google and get more customers and profits. Check our Special Offer section for latest stunning deals.