1. Video Production  (see types of videos below)
  2. On Page Video SEO
  3. Off Page SEO
  4. Video Syndication, distribution and promotion
  5. Drive You Tube and Social Traffic
  6. Drive Search Engine Traffic
  7. Getting, views, likes and fans
  8. Active Marketing on the You Tube
  9. Paid (PPC) YouTube Marketing
  10. Live You Tube Streaming of Events and Promotions

Benefits of Our Service:

  • Brand Building: Video is a very versatile medium for creative branding.
  • Save money on Marketing and Advertising: Fastest and least expensive way (call us at 425 773 9580 for details) to Rank High in Google bringing in hungry  customers. You don’t even need a website for this, though it would help website to rank higher.
  • Increase Revenue and Profits Fast: We are  are able to rank videos on Google some times literally in hours. Video being  by far the most  effective medium for delivering your compelling message without the high pressure sales approach,  many more  prospects actually take action (better conversion).
  • Dominate Your Competition to Grab More Market Share: Since we  are able to rank in multiple positions in Google we can dominate the Google Search results pages. We could have anywhere from first 1-6 or more spots, even displacing big time stores and businesses.


If you have a local business video in YouTube going nowhere, we will Search Engine Optimize (SEO) it to get high ranking in YouTube, Google (Video Search), Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Results for more views,  leads, customers and profits.  We will even do a professional make over of your video. CONTACT US NOW for a Limited Time Special Discount of $50.00 and a bonus.

Video Production:  The cost of video production can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars. It all depends on the choices you make regarding your theme, settings, message script, models and the expertise of videographer.  However, there is good news. Cost of producing good HD quality videos has dramatically come down because of advances in the technology.  Home video cameras, small HD cameras and even cell phones and tablets can take good quality videos. If you must engage a videographer remember you are going to pay much less than you used to.

In our approach to produce marketing videos for our clients, we focus on projecting a theme and a story with a compelling message. We  use pictures, video clips, a well written script (professional voice over) and music to create stunning videos that have a powerful impact because of the carefully crafted message and the way it is delivered.  It is created for your customers to feel that they know you, like you and can trust you. It is designed for your customers to know you, your business and your value proposition.

For creating live reality videos which we can , we offer our clients choices. One of the choice is for them to use cameras like Flip Video or high mega pixel cell phones. We provide instructions on how to shoot and help them create a script to use. The script is developed in consultation with clients. We then edit and finish the videos. But if the clients so desire, we can have our videographer shoot the videos on site or use models. We have access to a team of talented video experts and can use advanced technologies of video creation and editing. We have advanced video editing  software and technologies that include Green Screen Technology, high impact after effects, talking heads and animated videos. But we have found that for many of our small business clients, simple videos with good theme, imagery, message and call to action provide excellent results in terms of new customers and sales. We get good traffic and conversion.

 Steps to Video Production:

  • Research and analyze the market
  • Key word research and analysis
  • Analysis of customer’s products and services
  • Identifying target audience and where they hang out
  • Create an irresistible offer or promotion
  • Create a theme and compelling message from the business owner
  • Deliver the message through images, motion video and video clips.
  • Organize your media
  • Build the video
  • Engage in interactive process with clients to make changes in the video
  • Final edits and finish the video

Types of Videos:

  • Video Commercials
  • Video Infomercials
  • Event Videos
  • Video Tours for Realtors
  • On site reality style videos
  • Video Testimonials
  • Profile Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Branding Videos
  • Story Videos
  • Before and After Videos
  • Slide Show Videos
  • Welcome Videos
  • Affiliate Marketing Videos
  • Product Review Videos
  • Product or Service Launch Videos
  • Videos Sales Letter
  • How to Videos
  • Article Videos
  • Informational Videos

Video Publishing and Distribution: Before publishing the video we  prepare it for Search Engines. This is because we believe the video should be delivered to your customers when they are looking for your product or service. For this we need to create a short article that is published along with it.

  • YouTube and other Video Sharing Sites: We will submit manually to You Tube and other top Video Sharing sites (up to 15-20). We also publish the Search Engine Optimized article along with it.
  • Put the Video On Site: We will provide  the video to put on client’s site
  • Publish video on relevant blog(s) and site(s) and social media site(s) of clients
  • On page and off page SEO techniques (proprietary) to boost ranking in Google
  • Get targeted  views and likes in You Tube and Social Media (Face book)-Premium Package only
  • Provide Client with a guide how to keep on getting benefits (customers) from the video for a long time.

SEO and Dominating Google with Videos:

Although You Tube and Other Video Sharing Sites can bring a lot of traffic and one may be able to make their video go viral, From our marketing perspective we think that search engines  Google, Bing and Yahoo provide  avenues where you are presenting your products and services just when the people are searching for them.  Reaching your prospects  with a compelling video makes it much more likely to  convert your prospect into a customer. Video is an extremely powerful lead generator as well.

Using our vast experience in Search Engine Optimization of Websites we developed a unique way to get videos ranked fast (sometimes within hours) on FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE,  regardless of whether you have a website or not. In fact it helps in boosting the ranking of your website if you already have one.  Most of these Videos have proven to be sticky and maintained their first page ranking for more than two years, in spite of the many gut wrenching changes in Google  that resulted in loss of ranking for millions of websites. We have been successful, because, just like websites, we use pure clean SEO methodology that Google wants you to follow-not some black hat trick or spam link building.

After Publishing Services:

  • Create a Video Channel
  • Provide a long term Video Marketing Blue Print
  • Get more from your videos by integration with ongoing Social Media Campaigns
  • And more-Contact us for ideas and strategies to make this is your “the best” performing marketing and advertising strategy. Call us at 425 773 9580 or  fill out the contact form below:

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